Post War Glamour Girls Stream ‘Southpaw Stance’

PWGG Southpaw Stance

New music from Post War Glamour Girls is good news indeed which makes today a particularly good Monday. Taken from a forthcoming split 7″ with Battlelines, ‘Southpaw Stance’ is a very welcome return for the Leeds foursome. It’s the first release since the brilliant ‘Gustave’ 7″ from 2014’s Too Pure Singles Club and the equally excellent debut album Pink Fur from earlier that year.

Post War Glamour Girls create a bitter, paranoid sounding blast. Full of stomping bass, pounding rhythms and vocals that spit and snarl with devilish gusto. Imagine the kind of music that should be playing in one of those museums of horror or torture to actually make them scary, the kind of songs that cause you to shake yourself to your senses because the world is falling apart around you and it’s time to run. All of this I mean in a good way of course! They manage to sound like this and still make songs full of post-punk energy. There’s no shortage on the tune front either.

I’d imagine it’s Monday everyday in the world of PWGG. That’s fine, let’s make every Monday as good as this.

Post War Glamour Girls release ‘Southpaw Stance’ through Hide and Seek Records on 13th April. Pre-order the vinyl or the download here

Catch the band live at the single launch party at the Brudnell Social Club in Leeds on 16th April. Tickets info here

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