Premiere: Ace City Racers – ‘You’ve Got the Notion’

‘You’ve Got the Notion’ is the second single off Ace City Racers future album Citalodisco being released via Last Night From Glasgow on 6th June 2021.

Hailing from Glasgow, indie pop folks Ace City Racers play “short, sharp, sexy pop songs”. I’m a sucker for both alliteration and such music. Their new video is premiering above! It’s called You’ve Got the Notion’ and it is a belter.

It has a huge hint of indie-pop that you most certainly can dance to and it would be a classic at any indie disco, cue it up alongside the likes of Franz Ferdinand and XTC. A guitar riff that seems to have been designed to make toes tap and limbs move. The unique vocal delivery makes the Ace City Racers automatically distinguishable. It sounds fresh now but also wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a few other decades, the early ’80s, mid-’90s when a song has a classic sound it can transcend such things like the current music landscape and find itself at home anywhere.

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