Premiere: ENTROPY Share New Shoegaze/Alt Rock Track ‘Northern Line’

Photo credit: Patrick Runte.

ENTROPY’s debut album Liminal is out on August 21st via Crazysane Records.

Hans Freses’ story is a familiar one. Like many of us, he spent his teens and twenties playing in bands. However, life took over and slowly all this stopped to be replaced with a serious job and serious adulthood.

However, he never quite kicked the musical habit. After ten years out of the game, Frese returned to the guitar and began exploring riffs that had been banging about his head since his teenage years. The result is a sound that calls to mind Bob Mould if he fronted a shoegaze band instead of Hüsker Dü. Frese then enlisted old friend Philipp Heidemann on bass, Jens Sawatzk on guitar, and Benjamin Koevener on drums.

The result is ENTROPY, a group that love big melodies, big emotions and a shoegazey riff. Today, we are delighted to premiere the first single from their upcoming debut album Liminal. Titled ‘Northern Line’, the song is open, earnest and vulnerable while also maintaining an aggressive edge. Check out the video for the song below and read our interview with Hans Frese.

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Overblown: Tell us a bit about your new song ‘Northern Line’. What do the lyrics explore?

Hans Frese: The lyrics deal with a time in my life when I was living in the UK. I had just lost my band and felt pretty isolated, a condition that was exacerbated by living in London, which can be quite an unforgiving, lonely place, at least in my experience. I just remember sitting on the Northern Line – which I had to ride to get from the city centre to where I lived – and feeling like I’d never be able to write a decent song again.

O: What inspired the music?

HF: As said above, nothing much happened creatively during that time. However, I managed to write one good riff. Almost fifteen years later, it became the chorus of “Northern Line”.

O: After ten years out of the music scene, what pushed you to get back writing music?

HF: Back in the day, I always tried to make uplifting music. The problem was that I still tried to do that when I was not feeling positive at all, which burned me out. Once I realized that it’s perfectly all right to write stuff with a more negative bent that is true to my experience, ideas started to flow. And, weirdly, this resulted in songs that I do in fact find quite uplifting in their own way!

O: Your debut album Liminal is out on August 21st via Crazysane Records. Is ‘Northern Line’ a good indication of the music on the rest of the album?

HF: Yeah, lots of slow and mid-tempo bangers, though there are also a couple of fast ones. And there even is one honest-to-goodness pop song (one with a Steve-Reichian breakdown in the middle, though, because we couldn’t stop ourselves).

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