Premiere: Listen To J. Zunz Remix Of Pigs x7 Track ‘Hell’s Teeth’

J. Zunz
(Photo credit: Sofía Ruesga)

Pigs x7’s new single ‘Hell’s Teeth’ is out tomorrow, July 31st. J. Zunz’s new album Hibiscus is due for release on 21st August via Rocket Recording.

Tomorrow, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs will release the latest single to be gleaned from their most recent, and awesome, album Viscerals. The track is titled ‘Hell’s Teeth’ and is a short and brutal jam. The b-side for the single is an exclusive remix of ‘Hell’s Teeth’ by fellow Rocket Recordings artist J.Zunz. As huge fans of both Pigs x7 and J. Zunz, we are delighted to be premiering the remix below.

Lorena Quintanilla (aka J. Zunz) on the remix, “I love all the Viscerals album but I especially like this song. I like the vocals and that short trippy instrumental part in the middle. So when I started working on the remix I knew that I would focus on those elements. I basically did an extended version of that short instrumental moment and deconstructed the vocals with effects, reverse and pitch shifters. Because of the lockdown, most of my equipment is not with me so I had to work with limited tools. The vocals are powerful and up front so somehow I was having in mind ‘Time Is Money (Bastard)’ by Swans.”

Minimal electronic artist J. Zunz, the solo invention of Lorena Quintanilla best known as one half of Mexican duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, recently shared a beautiful new track from her upcoming second album Hibiscus. Titled ‘Four Women and Darkness’, the track is an unnerving and hypnotic track that is inspired by a story from her grandmother’s childhood. The track and the album sees J. Zunz move out of her comfort zone into an area of minimal electronics, trance-like repetitions, ambient synth, and otherworldly intensity.

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