Premiere: Pry – ‘Feel That Weight’


Confrontational post-punk Pry shares new track ‘Feel That Weight’

Pry, the nom de plume of musician Watson Meyer, crafts an angular and idiosyncratic post-punk that is delightfully confrontational and uncompromising. His latest track is titled ‘Feel That Weight’. A track that deals with the difficulty of holding someone close to you accountable for their actions, it is inspired by an event that Meyer experienced in a previous band when the drummer of that band was accused of sexual assault and avoided responsibility for their actions.

According to Meyer, the project’s moniker comes directly from the meaning of the word: “use force in order to move or open (something) or to separate (something) from something else.” This is clearly evident in the music which oozes a tautness that is invigorating and engrossing.

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