Premiere: Sidus Shares Instrumental Post-Rock/Alt-Metal Track ‘Energy In Emptiness’


Sidus’ debut EP Seasons Reversed is due for release in the coming months.

What if Joe Satriani had been born a couple of decades later and was more interested in texture rather than pyrotechnics? Well, his music might sound somewhat like the instrumental post-rock/alt metal workouts of German one-man band Sidus. The chap has just released the third single from his upcoming debut EP Seasons Reversed. Titled ‘Energy In Emptiness’ the song is a technically proficient but emotionally soaring epic that swirls and expands but doesn’t meander and over stay its welcome.

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In a twist, the track was apparently inspired by Jiddu Krishanamutri, who was an Indian philosopher in the 20th century. It revolves around Krishanamutri’s ideas about the origin of energy. “When the mind is empty, there is nothing, “said Krishanamutri. “Nothing, which means not a thing created by thought. Such a mind being empty, is full of energy. Then, is there something beyond energy? What is the origin of this energy?“

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