Premiere: Viking Moses – ‘Kid for the Cattle’

viking moses

Viking Moses’ fifth album, Cruel Child, is out on April 5th.

13 years since his debut as Viking Moses and 25 years since his live debut, Baltimore musician Brendon Massei is about to return with Viking Moses’ fifth album, Cruel Child. A pensive and reflective outing, it sees the folk troubadour venture into a territory of darkness tinged with light in the extremities. This is a region full of minor keys but positive messages. Like the most creative of artists, Massei is well aware that life is neither positive nor negative but, in point of fact, it is both.

Today we are premiering the release of the latest track to be gleaned from Viking Moses’ upcoming set. Titled ‘Kid for the Cattle’, it is a taut and tense affair that promises to explode but in the end heads into a restrained a subdued denouement. It’s much more rewarding for it.

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