Preview: STD & FTR Alldayer with Sweet Baboo

There’s simply nothing like a good old indie alldayer to put you in the mood for the glorious summer of music that’s peeking over the horizon. Pretty much any all day gig would usually do but the heroes at Scared to Dance and For the Rabbits have combined forces to bring you the perfect alldayer on Sat 5th May at The Victoria in London. What we’re loving about this particular day is the variety on offer, there’s a bit of imagination in this lineup rather than a roll out of some usual suspects. Top of the bill is Sweet Baboo alongside Deerful, Marine, Adwaith, Panic Pocket, Red Red Eyes and Young Romance. Indulge yourself in a little look at each of these bands. Once you’ve done so you’ll definitely want to click right here to secure tickets before it’s too late. You’ll probably also want to visit the Facebook event page too because if you don’t say you’re going on social media are you really even there?

Sweet Baboo

There’s always something new to discover when it comes to Sweet Baboo. 2017’s album Wild Imagination was a brave and inspiring collection of songs designed to help free the writer of the constant negativity of the world around us. Let’s hope that worked for him. It certainly works for the listener and you’ll not have a negative thought in your head whilst your enjoying this set.


The debut album Peach by Deerful (Emma Winston) came out in the summer of 2017 and is quite honestly a joy to behold. Deerful is also a wonderful live performer with a uniqueness and charm that’s hard to find anywhere else. The music is all beats and blips backing Emma’s vocals and it’ll bring a massive smile to your face, albeit in a kind of heart breaking way.


Fable Electric is the recently released album from Marine who are particularly hard to categorise. Not that they need lumped into a genre to make them good, genre’s are just for us lazy writers I guess. What you will get from Marine is a sort of dreamlike version on grungey pop. You will love it. If excellent was a musical genre then that’s where Marine would fit right in.


Watch and listen in wonder as Adwaith slip between Welsh and English becuase they’re smarter than you. Or is it just because they’re Welsh? Either way it’s not like language is any sort of barrier to brilliant music and within this set you’ll have everything from Rock to Folk and whatever lies in between.

Panic Pocket

It’ll only be one year since Panic Pocket’s first ever show and best friend duo Natalie (guitar, vocals) and Sophie (synths, vocals) are busy creating feminist waves. Having released their debut single back in January it’s clear Panic Pocket are on the rise. Go catch them to see if they exceed their golden PLD rule. (Performance-Level Drunk).

Red Red Eyes

It’s a brilliant band name isn’t it? Red Red Eyes are a hypnotically brilliant blend of whispers and delicate sounds. Laura and Xavier who make up this two piece are set to release their debut album Horology in May and will be pleased as punch to show it off to you. You’ll be even more pleased than punch to hear it.

Young Romance

Having recently shared a stage with The Wedding Present this lot are shortly heading out on tour with The Primitives. This is high quality, fuzzy indie rock and a chance to hear what they’ve got in store for their new album which will be in the world sooner rather than later if the musical gods have anything to do with it.

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