Protomartyr Share New Track Feat The Breeders’ Kelley Deal

protomartyr dope cloud

Detriot post-punks Protomartyr released one of the finest albums of 2014 in the form of Under Color Of Official Right, and put on quite the engrossing live show. Now, they’re back with a new single, ‘Blues Festival’, which features the legend that is Kelley Deal of The Breeders. “Blues Festival” will be released June 16 on a split single with R. Ring called A Half Of Seven. You can pre-order it here from Hardly Art.

For most of the track, Protomartyr singer Joe Casey takes the reins, leading the band through four and half minutes of sloppy advice about how to retain your punk cred such as, “Don’t hold the mic like a crying child”, “Don’t heed the words of the digital throng”, and “Hell is forever being local support”. Deal’s contribution is to provide a languid counterpoint to Casey’s more vitriolic delivery. She’s the Dr Jekyll to Casey’s Mr Hyde.

Listen to ‘Blues Festival’ below:

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