Pupppy Share ‘Beans’, Announce Debut LP

pupppy beans

“My foot is stuck/ In my mouth/ Until I shove it all the way down/ To the bottom of my throat/ Then I puke/ Truth all over you”. Nice. Have you ever had truth puked all over you? Sounds unpleasant. Somehow Pupppy’s new track ‘Beans’ makes it sound rather delightful. It’s the first track released from the NY based indie pop quartet’s debut LP, Shit In The Apple Pie, due for release April 21st via Father/Daughter Records.

Album artwork:

puppy beans

Starting out as a solo project for singer songwriter Will Rutledge in 2013, Pupppy were created when Rutledge (vocals, guitar) was joined by Sam Skinner (guitar), Victor Massari (drums) and Nick Hasko (bass).

Rutledge spoke to Stereogum about the motivations behind the album, “The songs on the record are songs I had neglected for a long time due to feeling insecure about them or that they weren’t what I should be writing, recording, and performing — but I really wanted to, and that’s what drove me crazy. So making the decision to create an album felt like I was building a door to leave the old sentiments of insecurity and over-thinking behind to enter into a realm of comfort and confidence.”

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