Pure Adult: New Band of the Day #269

pure adult

Pure Health’s self-titled EP is out now.

Who: Jeremy Snyder and Bianca Abarca.

What: Experimental rock

Where: New York, USA.

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Why: Like great experimentalists in rock music such as Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth, and Girl Band, New York outfit Pure Adult just do whatever they fancy. This can make listening to them a challenging and, at times, disturbing listen. But, if you can hang in there, it is a rich and rewarding experience that provides things that you simply can’t get just anyplace.

Pure Adult released their self-titled debut EP about a year ago. It is mish mash of spoken word, noise rock, avant garde noise, post-punk and a penchant for experimentation. Take stand out track ‘Casual Animal’ as an example. It kind of sounds like what would have happened if Girl Band and Sonic Youth started a supergroup. It is a manic, frantic, intense listen that is as unnerving as it is spellbinding.

The band have a new single on the horizon too. We’ve heard it. It is a banger.

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