PVT – Hard Vapor for Modern Time | A Vaporwave Playlist

New album New Spirit out now via Felte. Check out the video for ‘Another Life’ above. The vaporwave playlist is streaming below.

Australian electronic noise pop experimenters trio PVT (previously Pivot) have just released their new album New Spirit. It’s a delicacy combining lush melodies with frankly bizarre noises and unexpected twists and turns. It turns out that band member Richard Pike has been delving into the electronic sub genre vaporwave as of yet. Perhaps this had an impact on the eclectic nature of PVT’s latest record.

We had a chat with Richard about the vaporwave tracks that have been really exciting him recently.

Check out PVT’s tour dates below:

19.04 London, UK @ Kamio
21.04 Gent, BE @ Charlatan
22.04 Esch-sur-Alzette, LU @ Kulturfabrik (Out of The Crowd Festival)
25.04 Toulouse, FR @ Metronum
26.04 Bordeaux, FR @ Iboat
27.04 Limoges, FR @ La Fourmi
28.04 Paris, FR @ Le Point Ephemere (PZZLE Festival)

Hard Vapor for Modern Time

I’ve been getting deep into the vaporwave phenomenon. The musical deep web. The idea of vaporware is it’s a coagulation of nostalgia and internet detritus, and is by nature anonymous. It kinda means that a lot of it is literally audio rubbish. But searching through, maybe about 20% is really good. NB. Some of these tracks do not fit that description at all, but sonically fit, somehow.


1. Anna Meredith – Nautilus

The mix of live and electronic is brilliant. The drum entry near the end is bonkers. Anna is a classically trained Scottish composer.

2. Event Cloak – Life Strategies.

No idea who these people are but it’s on Orange Milk Records, which means Keith Rankin did the cover art, which is great. Love the synthetics.

3. Gora Sou – Xplor

Another beat-less assortment of synthetic sounds. Really great and unexpected.

4. Nico Niquo – Maru Dai Dawn

I’m pretty sure this guy is from Melbourne Australia. Goes into New Age territory. Really into it. He’s got a new track which is fantastic but it’s not on YouTube.

5. Napolian – Rejoice

Oldie but a goodie. Californian producer. Really great build and unexpected beat.

6. Giant Claw – Deep Thoughts

This is Keith Rankin’s solo name, who runs the label Orange Milk. I like the boldness of this record, a lot of it sounds like midi improvisations. And why not make music like that these days?

7. Laurie Anderson – O Superman

Just threw this in because of its sonic relationship to all the others here – the synthetic voice palette. The difference is this track is from 1981.

8. Visible Cloaks – Reassamblage

This hasn’t even come out as a record yet. Don’t know anything about them. Just found it on Bandcamp. Beautiful sound.

9. Xepter Rose – Meteor Storm

Trancendental synth explorations. It’s pretty adventurous as well as ambient. On a great label called Constellation Tatsu. If you go on their Bandcamp you can buy their whole catalogue for really cheap.

10. Julien – Baby Angel

This one is maybe more representative of Vaporwave as a whole – more jarring and experimental. It’s a lotta fun though.

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