Live Review: PWR BTTM @ Hug & Pint, Glasgow, 5th December 2016

pwr bttm

PWR BTTM will be back touring the UK & Ireland in April 2017.

Important. You always hear about how a certain band or record is important but it never really is. Important to the listener of course, but in the grand scheme of things nobody really gives a shit do they? PWR BTTM just played a show that feels important to me, and no doubt of far more importance to my fellow gig-goers. I’m male. Straight. Married. Entirely comfortable. I’ve never had to give a second thought about feeling safe or welcome anywhere. If PWR BTTM are helping other people feel safe and welcome then they’re more important than I’ll ever understand.

The bit that’s not important is the music. That doesn’t mean it’s not special though. From the second they start with ‘West Texas’ the evening’s soundtrack is an absolute joy. Their garage rock sounds triumphant and welcoming, proud in its exuberance, devastating in its delicacy. They close with ‘New Hampshire’, a heartbreaker of a song song but one that has me dreaming of driving through New England in the autumn. The sense of place PWR BTTM create is incredible.

pwr bttm

Several new songs are played, ‘Slippy’ (I think) sounds like somebody battering Van Halen with a White Stripes record. Various songs use guitar fingertapping and they’re the first band in history to use this technique without sounding like pompous assholes. Fan favourites like ‘I Wanna Boi’ and ‘Dairy Queen’ feel like a celebration. We could get some press on nails at CVS. We could go to Disney Land and fuck shit up. We could do whatever we want, whenever we want when we’re listening to music as good as this.

Where does it go from here? The feeling PWR BTTM create in a room is off-the-scale happy, adventurous and inspiring. This is only a basement in Glasgow though, a hundred or so happy souls, a tiny echo chamber. We already know they’re coming back to the UK in a few months, the venues are getting slightly bigger, more and more people will be inspired and join in. What I want is to go to see PWR BTTM in some mega venue in a couple of year’s time, to see them hit the mainstream, sell a million records, be household names, get so famous they might get shot. I want everyone to believe in them.

Important? No. PWR BTTM are beyond important. They’re essential.

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