Rap Metal: 1313 Share New Track ‘1313’

1313’s new single ‘1313’ is out now.

1313 hail from Philadelphia, PA, USA and craft a meld of rap metal, post-hardcore and a healthy dapple of electronic influences. Their new track ‘1313’ is an intense and aggressive reaction to police violence in the United States. It kind of calls to mind Beastie Boys if Beastie Boys were fronted by Zach de la Rocha. Anyway, it is a complete banger with an anti-establishment message. What else do you want?

1313 on their new single, “This song is about the fight against police brutality and systematic racism. How parents of colour have to worry about their children being safe if they go out at night, for reasons many can not relate to. There is a huge portion of our population in America living in fear, and justice needs to be brought to that fact.”

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