Real Life Charm Get Freudian With Single ‘Desire’

Real Life Charm are pretty civilized for an eight piece – sophisticated, even. Their slick, perfectly formed art-pop knows exactly what it’s doing with its life and who it wants to be when it grows up, and just like Alt-J it’s got the thinks and the feels on its side.

Not so much dreamlike as hypnotic, their latest track ‘Desire’ is so casually cool it makes innovation look easy. Delicate vocals and rich electronics do a practised little dance around the piano, and all the other instruments come to watch. They’re a group that care about aesthetics, and luckily for everyone they’re rather good at what they do – the style is the substance is the substance is the style. It’s busy without being crowded, spacious without being slow. Leftfield pop at its finest.

Literally everything you’ll see and hear in relation to the band is produced by Real Life Charm, not including this article – so that’s music, videos, artwork. They clearly want to colonize all of our orifices, but the upshot is it gives us a really thought through, creative listening experience. Ones to watch.

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