Record Store Day 2016 – What’s On Our List

Celebrated by the yeasayers, savaged by the naesayers. It’s nearly Saturday 16th April 2016 which means it’s Record Store Day again. For all the negative articles you’ll read about the day you’ll find just as many positive responses. It’s ruined the market. It’s saved our shop. It’s a rip off. It’s a celebration. I’ll sit comfortably on the fence regarding many of the arguments but as a punter there’s no denying I personally love RSD. I’ll be popping down to Glasgow’s wonderful Monorail where I’ll chat to people in the queue (sorry if you land beside me), meet up with mates to compare vinyl weights and colours (I’m kidding…I think) and spend the afternoon with a few beers whilst watching Batteries, Emma Pollock and Spinning Coin play live. In short, I’ll be having a brilliant time and if you’re partaking, I hope you do too. Check out what your local store is up to and get involved.

We’ve had a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the RSD releases and here’s a flavour of what we’ll be adding to our list:

RSD16 – Overblown’s Top Recommendation is….

Sensible Records Vol 2 – Various Artists Compliation from Alcopop! Records 

So they’ve done it again! Following the success of 2015’s edition, Alcopop! have made the entirely sensible decision to grab all their label pals together and create a compilation bursting with great bands. Eleven tracks on a gloriously splattered vinyl, featuring the likes of Martha, Allusondrugs, The School and several more but that’s just the start. You’ll also get a download of 150MB worth of additional goodies from the various bands and labels involved. The best bit? It costs a tenner. Bravo Alcopop!

Sensible Records Vol II

Pay No Attention – Various Artists compilation – Too Pure

Another compilation on our list. This year Too Pure are celebrating the 100th release of their monthly singles club, a huge achievement and one we definitely salute them for. We interviewed Too Pure about their club recently so check that out here. This record features some of the highlights of the club from the last few years, with the likes of Menace Beach, Tigercub, Hookworms and DZ Deathrays, there’s plenty to love about it. Get a copy. Then sign up to the singles club. It’s the obvious thing to do!

Batteries – The Finishing Line – LP on Do Yourself In

The second album from Batteries, the moniker for Sci-Fi Steven of Glasgow’s bis (more of them later), is a corker and it’s available for the first time on RSD. Overblown has had a sneak preview of a few tracks and it’s sounding louder, harder and angrier than the excellent self-titled debut album. If you’re into loud, fast guitars, clever and inventive songwriting, scream-along tunes and attitude, Batteries is definitely your thing.

Bis / Big Zero – Split 7″ Single on Do Yourself In

Split singles are every kind of magic. Bis sound as fresh as ever on the catchier-than-a-baseball-glove ‘Boredom Could be Good for You’ whilst Big Zero do what Big Zero does best by being quirky and fun as hell with ‘Rip It Up and Start Again’. If this band is new to you go check out their YouTube channel for all sorts of craziness and no shortage of great tunes. These bands are gigging together in Manchester and Reading in late May. We’ll see you there.

bis - boredom could be good for you

Beach Slang – Broken Thrills – 12″ Picture Disc on Big Scary Monsters

Before the excellent Things We Do To Find People Like Us album was released in 2015 there were two 7″ singles (Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken and Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street) which are combined here to create Broken Thrills. Beach Slang will tug at your punk rock heart strings. Check out our review of their Glasgow show from earlier this year and make sure you catch them live. This record is a great starting place.

Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions – Isn’t It True – 7″ Single on Tendril Tales

The world would be a better place if everyone would just listen to Hope Sandoval’s voice and let it wash all over them. Therapy for the masses. This release is the first single from a forthcoming album with the Warm Inventions, their first in seven years. Clearly a fan of RSD, Hope has released a couple of singles on this day in the past with Mazzy Star. Anything that encourages new material from her is good by me. Can’t wait to hear this.

Metz / Mission of Burma – Split 7″ Single on Sub Pop & Metz with Swami John Reis –  7″ Single on Swami

Two for the price of one! Well no, not really, unless you’ve got a ridiculously generous local record shop. Two new 7″s featuring the bone-crushingly brilliant Metz is certainly a reason to celebrate. One is a split 7″ (Yes!) with the legendary Mission of Burma where the bands cover each others songs (Yes! Yes!). The other is a collaboration with John Reis of Drive Like Jehu / Hot Snakes / Rocket From the Crypt. The press release for this single claims the sound is “reminiscent of an army of sea gulls inside a burning Berihana of Tokyo”! Here’s my money, take it, take it all! Listen below.

Pinact – Stand Still & Rot – LP on Kanine Records

One of Overblown’s favourite albums of 2015, Stand Still & Rot is getting it’s first vinyl release on vinyl (green no less) for RSD. It’s an album full of fuzzy guitars, powerful songs and scorching vocals throughout. Kanine is also a super lovely label and we love ’em. If you happen to be in Glasgow on RSD take the chance to go see Pinact play live as part of the celebrations at both Love Music and LP record stores.

Wussy – Ceremony – 7″ on Damnably

Cincinnati has to be about the best name for a city ever but simply hailing from there isn’t enough reason to love Wussy. Their cover of New Order’s ‘Ceremony’ provides ample reason though. Fuzzed up and beautiful. Listen below. ‘Days and Hours’ on the b-side is none too shabby either. Want it.

Katastrophy Wife – Dysrythmia – Double LP reissue on Do Yourself In

Kat Bjelland didn’t keep all her considerable talents just for Babes in Toyland. She released two solo albums (Amusia and All Kneel) as Katastrophy Wife. This release combines both these albums and this is a must for any fan of Babes in Toyland or fans of top quality angry punk music.

There you go. Love Record Store Day but support your local store all year round!

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