The Replacements Consider New Album

The Replacements Consider New Album

Minneapolis Alt Rock Legends Have “Plenty Of Songs In The Hopper”.

In 2012 singer/guitarist Paul Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson reformed their legendary band The Replacements to record an EP titled Songs for Slim in aid of former guitarist Slim Dunlop who had recently suffered a stroke. According to a recent interview with Rolling Stone, it now seems that they may be in a position to record some new music and potentially release a new album. It would be their first since All Shook Down was released in 1990.

According to Westerberg potential candidates for inclusion are “Are You In It For The Money?” and “Dead Guitar Player”. The latter could be a reference to their founding guitarist Bob Stinson, Tommy’s older brother, who was kicked out of the band in 1986 due to alleged alcohol problems. He subsequently died in 1995 due to organ failure which was attributed to alcohol and drug abuse. The former suggests a tongue in cheek look at the band’s reunion.

The pair go on to assert that the reunion has brought them closer together. “We’ll call each other up when things go south, because we know we can get a laugh out of each other,” says Westerberg. “How many people do you know that you can call up and get a guaranteed gut-wrenching laugh?” Stinson adds: “We got to realize we might need each other a bit.”

I guess there’s nothing like old friends.