The Adam Buxton podcast live in Manchester: Guz Khan guests for live edition of beloved broadcast

Adam Buxton and Louis Theroux ahead of recording The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam Buxton brings his glorious multimedia show to Manchester, with hilarious input from special guest Guz Kahn. 

Adam Buxton is a fairly unique figure in the podcast and media landscape: he achieved some TV notoriety with the fabled Adam & Joe show, which he wrote and presented with longtime collaborator and pal (now bigtime director) Joe Cornish. The duo brought their absurdity and chemistry to the radio, via XFM then BBC 6 Music, which brough the pair into sharp focus for music fans and alternative types alike. Since the 6 Music show wound down, Buxton has worked as an actor, live performer and his ‘Adam Buxton Podcast’ has skyrocketed in popularity. 

Buckles sets himself appart from the regular host of interview podcasts: just as he did with radio, Buxton authors several jingles and songs, and he encourages his guests to pursue a ‘ramble chat’ agenda, which usually takes interviewees away from the structured line of scripted PR points and down a more informal and relaxed conversation: this regularly yields gold from his interviewees, and his live Manchester show is no exception. 

Buxton begins his show with a mix of his specialities: there are several video and audio elements to his presentation, centred around AI. Adam is astute in his observations: artists are often critisised for relying on AI in 2024, but Buxton has his tongue firmly in his cheek as he deconstructs the various, hilarious failings of AI generated art, memes and more. Sat on a desk surrounded by equipment, Buxton looks at home on the large stage. His comedy fills the room nicely, with a packed house on the ground floor and balcony waiting on his every word, there is no doubt about weather this format translates to a live arena. 

Before long Adam introduces his guest for the evening: previous podcast interviewee, comedian and actor Guz Kahn (Man Like Mobeen, Taskmaster, Our Flag Means Death), who is on fine form. The man has a twinkle in his eye and a penchant for mischief, and the chat meanders from family life, parenting styles and comedy stylings. Buxton peppers in fantastic moments of comedy, through short video clips, songs and sound effects: again, its another case of walking a fine line here, overuse of such effects can grate, but Buxton is a master of his craft, and every instance is timed to perfection. 

After a short interval, the duo are back on stage for more of the same. Adam hits his stride as an interviewer, and probes Khan on politics, celebrity, his misspent youth and much more. Buxton has chops as an interviewer, even if he is reluctant to back himself at times.

The evening culminates in a moment of hilarity: Buxton muses on his enthusiasm for Taskmaster and plays up to his lack of appearances on the Chanel 4 smash hit. Khan, who appeared in series 12 of the show, goads Adam into calling Alex Horne live on stage – the moment is like two errant schoolboys making a prank call, but Horne takes it in the spirit it was intended, and plays along with the piece promising to consider Buxton for the program. In a show that is clearly meticulously planned and prepped, this ad-hoc moment of madness caps off a brilliant piece with a side splitting moment of hilarity.

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