R.M.F.C.: New Band of the Day #242


R.M.F.C.’s new seven inch Reader is out now via Anti Fade Records.

Who: Buz Clatworthy (he does it all).

What: Post-punk.

Where: New South Wales, Australia.

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Why: R.M.F.C., or Rock Music Fan Club, is the brainchild of 18-year-old Australian Buz Clatworthy. What a moniker that is. He writes, performs, and records all the group’s output in his bedroom in New South Wales. It all started in late 2018, when the young musician shared a demo with a friend. During 2018 and 2019, Clatworthy released two EPs titled Hive Vol. 1 and Hive Vol. 2 which were then compiled into one LP by German label Erste Theke Tontraeger.

‘Reader’, streaming below, is his latest single and sees Clatworthy expand his songwriting into a more melodic and motorik style. Propulsive basslines and chant-like vocals push the song forward into taut and fuzzy goodness. Enjoy!

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