Robert Pollard Shares ‘Take Me To Yolita’

robert pollard take me to yolita
Robert Pollard's alcohol consumption is a thing of legend.

Faulty Superheroes, due for release on May 26th via Fire Records, is Robert Pollard’s twentieth solo studio offering. That’s on top of the twenty one studio albums he released as chief songwriter and singer with lo-fi legends Guided By Voices. I may even be wrong with these figures. The point is that Robert Pollard is the most prolific musician of his generation. He’s like an indie Neil Young.

What is most surprising is the consistent quality of his work. He has registered 1,700 songs with BMI, and, of the ones I’ve heard, they’re pretty tasty. ‘Take Me To Yolita’ is his latest offering, and will feature on Faulty Superheroes. At nearly three minutes, this is quite an expansive track for the brevity advocate. It wades rather than rages but, that’s not a bad thing. At this point, Robert Pollard can take me anywhere he wants.

Listen to ‘Take Me To Yolita’ below:

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