Do Rock Stars Still Sing About Casino Culture?

We used to know where we stood with our favourite rock stars. Legendary bands like The Rolling Stones used to revel in their bad-boy reputations by singing about the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.

And there was nowhere better than the casino to help them get plenty of lyrical metaphors about danger and glamour with Motorhead’s classic song, Ace of Spades, being the perfect example of how a card game can inspire an all-time great.

But recently it seems that fewer rock bands are willing to walk on the wild side. You are far more likely to hear the likes of Foo Fighters wallowing in existential angst rather than playing dice with the devil. And when you consider that it was the disco diva, Lady Gaga, who last served up a memorable casino song with Poker Face, it shows you how much trouble modern rock music is in.

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Perhaps it’s because ever since Nirvana came along that rock music has become all too scared of embracing the cliches that surround casino culture. Whilst tracks like Tumbling Dice by the Rolling Stones must have sounded fresh and exciting in 1970s, those songs now seem like relics from a bygone age.

And ever since the ex-casino tycoon, Donald Trump, became the most controversial US president of all-time, it seems that our rockers are looking to distance themselves from such a divisive establishment figure.

However, there’s plenty of evidence that suggests that the relationship between rock stars and the casinos is not completely over. As online gaming companies like InterCasino now feature a Guns N’ Roses slots game, it seems that many of the biggest rock’n’roll bands are finding new revenues through the mobile gaming revolution.

In addition to this, it must be noted that Guns N’ Roses made their epic comeback in the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas in 2012. Such a location makes perfect sense as the band have always thrived in exploring the darker side of modern life, and whilst modern-day Las Vegas is somewhat sterile, it still would have provided W Axl Rose with a pretty handsome paycheck.

So whilst the days of country rock legends like Gram Parsons singing about Sin City may be long gone, it seems as though online gaming sites like InterCasino are helping these rockers find a new way to earn plenty of cash.