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Fax Message Breakup is out 11 November via Happy Robots Records.

In two days, Rodney Cresswell (aka Adam Cresswell, founding member of indie-folktronica band SALOON and one half of electronic two piece ARTHUR & MARTHA), will release his new EP Fax Message Breakup via Happy Robots Records. But, you lucky buggers can listen to the entire thing right here right now.

1. Fax Message Breakup (Single Mix)

Inspired by the manner in which Phil Collins split from his second wife Jill Tavelman, the EP is an exploration of kraut rock tinged synth pop that calls to mind the austere coldness of Kraftwerk of Neu! Combining lo key disco beats with melancholic vocals and subject matter, the track’s chorus of ‘I can’t do this anymore / I don’t know what it’s for” seems disturbingly apt after the rather surreal events of 2016 thus far.

2. Fax Message Breakup (Hologram Teen’s Video Suitors Remix)

Hologram Teen, otherwise known as Morgan Lhote formerly of Sterolab, brings a bit more momentum to her remix of the title track turning the song into a late night dance floor filler.

3. Baby Robot (Chris Frain Remix)

Chris Frain’s remix of ‘Baby Robot’ is delightfully playful including vintage synth sounds which swirl and fire somewhat like Space Invaders combined with the Blade Runner Soundtrack and set to a propulsive beat.

4. Fax Message Breakup (AUW’s Obsessive Perfection Remix)

AUW’s remix of ‘Fax Message Breakup’ is a tenser and more claustrophic affair. Including a 90’s druggy/hazy beat and Peter Hook-esque bass lines, the track is a moody come down after the playfulness of the last track.

5. Cassiopeia (The Leaf Library Remix)

Cassiopeia is a vain queen of Greek mythology. FYI. This Leaf Library remix of the Rodney Cromwell track of the same name is a low-key and gentle that reminds me of how it felt to go tubing in Vang Vieng in Laos. This track has all the time in the world.

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