The Rubberbandits – FELLAS – Play It Again, Sam

Fuck Mussolini In A Polka Dot Bikini

There’s not much to be said other than that. However, we shall attempt to stretch things out and be as shallowly loquacious as possible, because otherwise the SEO bigwigs will throw a shit fit and no one wants that, not after what happened last time. The rhododendrons will never be the same again. Anywho, Limerick’s Rubberbandits have been at this comedy song lark since their bizarrely hilarious song “Horse Outside” reached number 2 in the Irish Singles Chart in 2010. Since then they’ve written songs about fighting people’s dads, shifting girls instead of having casual sex, and Willie O’Dea. Often, with quite humourous and slightly odd results.

In that time, it has not all been about the “lols” though. “Dad’s Best Friend” was dark as fuck and a comment on the difference between people’s public and private faces. It’s narrator is a sociopath who hides all his vices, which featured, but weren’t limited to, erotic asphyxiation, thinking about his wife’s sister while being intimate with his wife, and soliciting prostitutes, under an everyday and ordinary guise. Now, “Fellas” deals with homophobia. It is also as funny as pushing someone out of the Tube just before the doors close, and watching them try to come to terms with what has just transpired. The reason the song is a success is due to it’s juxtaposition of the serious subject matter with the hilarity of the lyrics. This really draws attention to how fucking ridiculous, infantile and pathetic homophobia is in reality. It definitely beats the shit out of “Same Love” by Macklemore. 

The boys will be playing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every bloody day until the 25th of August.

Just sixteen words to go until we hit the magical and eternally elusive 300. Purple, monkey, dishwasher.

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