Rude Audio – ‘Crystal Pylon’ (Overblown Video Premiere)

The Rudest  EP is due for release on June 7 through Zirkus Records.

Rude Audio might not be a household name in the electronic music world, but it may just become one if they continue making music of the caliber found on their ‘Rudest’ EP. It’s not surprising that they have already gained the support of some notable players in the music industry, ranging from legendary icon Andrew Weatherall to mainstays on BBC 1, 3 and 6.

While the new EP features a juicy four tracks of house-trance-dub goodness, this new release sees the band refining their trademark sound, and fusing their love of various electronic sub-genres all in one spicy sonic burrito with all the toppings. Today we have the pleasure of presenting the Premiere of the lead track from this release: Crystal Pylon weaves a seamless hypnotic Balaeric spell that has you drifting between what is clearly a kickback to early 90s house and some futuristic soundtrack of a good trip.

Rude Audio includes Mark Ratcliff (arrangement, production and keyboards), Amanda Greatorex (vocals and lyrics), Eucalypta LV (guest vocals), Lamis Harper (piano and keys), Tony Shea (guitar and ostrich guitar), and Owain Lloyd (mixing desk and lyrics), who just finished up a tour with Paul Weller and has begun a new one with Stereophonics.

This DJ and production collective has “origins rooted in the gutters of south London and north east England”. Historically, they have put on brilliant underground parties, created critically acclaimed electronic music, engineered for top artists and generally popped up at events with an open-minded underground ethos.  

Already recognized as a notable force by Radio 6 hosts Don Letts, Tom Robinson, Gideon Coe and Nemone, they have also won the attention of Max Reinhardt on Radio 3, Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 and John Kennedy on XFM. Rude Audio have also previously released music via Unusual & Electric, where they were championed by Coldcut, among many other radio personalities and press.

Currently Rude Audio are hosts and residents at Kentish Town’s Flaxon Ptootch, an underground music and gallery space where they DJ and play alongside special guests to soundtrack monthly free shindigs, such as The Chemical BrothersPatrick Forge, and The Guvnor Andrew Weatherall. Jakwob plays there in May.

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