Sander Cohen: New Band of the Day #275

sander cohen

Sander Cohen’s new EP Channelling Hank is out on October 2nd via HalfmeltedBrain Records.

Who: Adam – High gains, Dan – Low blows, Lee – Internal screams and Loz – Circadian rhythms.

What: Noise rock.

Where: Deal, UK

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Why: Despite initial, and understandable I think, assumptions, Sander Cohen is not in fact an individual. Nope, Sander Cohen are in actual fact a noise rock band consisting of four members! However, they are named after a character from the dystopian first person shooter Bioshock. Which is pretty apt as the band’s cacophonous take on noise rock is pretty much as disturbing and unnerving as that game.

Their latest single is titled ‘Mommy​!​!​! What’s Wrong With That Man’s Face?’ and is a short two-minute blast of thunderous riffs, blasting drums, and throat-ripping vocals. Think of Mudhoney but with the enormous guitars of (the) Melvins and you’re heading in the right direction. Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP Channeling Hank. It might be named after a character from Me, Myself and Irene I think. It is out on October 2nd via HalfmeltedBrain Records.

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