The Sea Life – Prozac & Merlot – Play It Again, Sam

The Sea Life - Prozac & Merlot

Dreamy slacker gazy fuzzy diy something music or something?

Washington, DC. based The Sea Life’s name is apt. The  music sometimes sounds like it was recorded underwater such is the amount of reverb present on new track “Prozac & Merlot”. The waves of powerful guitar wash over the listener in a catchy manner. For some reason while I listen to the song all I can think of are the underwater passages in The Life Aquatic. Have you seen it? Quality stuff. But then Wes Anderson rarely disappoints.

Apologies! I digress. According to band member Jon Weiss their music is, “Dreamy slacker gazy fuzzy diy something music or something?” It’s a pretty vague yet apt description of their sound. Their shtick is pretty laid back and lovely, not quite as dense and all consuming as shoegaze can sometimes be. Their music is a kind of summertime shoegaze, full of major chords and dreamy vocals.

“Prozac & Merlot” is their latest release after 2013’s Transitions EP and their debut album In Basements released in 2012. Both of which are pretty awesome. Both of which are available for any contribution you wish to make on their bandcamp page. Generous buggers. Both showcase the dexterity of their sound. Sometimes they sound anti-folk, sometimes they sound like jangle pop, and sometimes they sound like balladeers.

It all combines into a constant surprise of sounds that rarely fails to please.

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