Sea Oleena – If I’m – Play It Again, Sam

Sea Oleena - I'm In

Delicate and Restrained Piano Folk

It must be getting annoying at this point, but we cannot over emphasise how vital the Canadian music scene is at this present moment. If you don’t believe us check out our list showcasing some scintillating bands from Toronto. If all is right in the world, Sea Oleena will take her place amongst the most acclaimed of Canada’s recent offerings.

For the sake of transparency, Charlotte Loseth is Sea Oleena and has been creating her ambient piano based folk under this moniker for a few years at this stage. “If I’m” is the opening track of her debut album Shallow which has just been released via Lefse Records, attracting rave reviews from Pitchfork and CMJ. The track is delicate and restrained coming across like a somewhat more subdued and at times more ambitious version of Denmark’s Agnes Obel.

As a whole, the album washes over the listener like the tide slowly invading the shore on a cloudy, overcast wintery afternoon. It glistens and meanders at times venturing into full blown ambience over the eleven minute opus “Vinton, LA”. The album is never in a rush to reach it’s destination, an embodiment of the old adage that the journey is more important than the destination.

Japanese blog Music Islands asserts that Sea Oleena is, “ヴェールに包まれたドリームポップです。”. I tend to agree.

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