Senior Infants Interview: “We may or may not be sorry for your panic and desperation”

senior infants

Latest studio EP Shift America is out now.

Cork experimentalists Senior Infants are weird. There are no two ways about it. Together, the duo craft an eerie and off-kilter brand of electronica that is pretty lowkey but also kind of intimidating. Luckily, we love a bit of an odd proposition here on Overblown and so they’re right up our alley. Apparently, they’re quite the trip live too. We’re pretty psyched to catch them at the Signal launch party this Friday at The Roundy in Cork to find out for ourselves.

In prep for this, we talked to the duo about school, Irish music, and challenging their audience. We couldn’t get a straight answer. Sometimes, that’s a good thing.

Overblown: Obviously, Senior Infants refers to the class in school. Why pick that name for the band?

Senior Infants: Thanks. We think it describes us well, also

Overblown: I the music that Senior Infants create to be somewhat eerie and disturbing. Is this a desirable goal for the music?

Senior Infants: We (duo) claim no responsibility for any personal disturbances we have caused. However, sometimes.

Overblown: Having said that, a track like ‘YEAHIHAYHI’ seems to have a lot of panic and desperation in it. How was that track created?

Senior Infants: We may or may not be sorry for your panic and desperation but also we made it with drum machines, a kalimba and some keyboards. The version on WOBBLECONTACT was live at gulpd so more streamlined, more bass guitarer and less at home in a house.

Overblown: I feel there is a real playful element to your music too. Is that fair?

Senior Infants: We mean to say that yes it is fair play.

Overblown: This Friday you play with Post Punk Podge and Cruiser at The Roundy in Cork. It’s quite a mixture of a lineup. What do you think of the prospect of challenging an audience by having an eclectic line up?

Senior Infants: This kind of lineup excites us (duo) greatly. Challenging audiences is fun to do but not to a karate match usually unless that needs to happen (please wait till after the show). We would consider Cruiser and Post Punk Podge to be music contemporaries even if they, personally, are not Duos.

Overblown: What do you think of the development of the DIY music community in Ireland?

Senior Infants: Everything else is shit ok.

Overblown: What Irish music have you enjoyed this year?

Senior Infants: Thanks, we are sure The Congos are from the top of Gurranabraher now that you mention them. We have mainly been listening to _______ and _______ but we like ______ too because lovely. We (duo) really do like music any time of years and any time of world geography speaking.

Overblown: Prawn cocktail at Christmas. Yay or nay?

Senior Infants: Could you please repeat the question (optional).

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