September Girls Announce EP “Veneer”, Stream Track

September Girls Announce EP

Traditionally, if you reside in the Northern hemisphere, September is the beginning of Autumn. The cold begins to become bitter, there’s a bite in the air in the morning, and the leaves begin to wither and drift. Autumn represents death, old age, hunger, and lean times. “Black Oil”, the first track to be released from Dublin-based quintet  September Girls’ upcoming EP Veneer, perfectly embodies these concepts. The track is bass-heavy, and dense. It creates a malevolent sense of foreboding for its three minute duration. The stream of consciousness spoken/screamed vocal delivery brings to mind Kim Gordon or Meredith Graves, while the at times middle eastern tinged guitar wails and moans like Medusa catching her reflection in an unexpected window.

It’s a trip.

The Veneer EP will be released on 24th November via Fortuna POP!


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