September Girls Share 360 Degree Video For ‘Catholic Guilt’

Taken From New Album Age Of Indignation  Out Now Via Fortuna POP!

Dublin quintet September Girls have shared an innovative 360 degree video for their track ‘Catholic Guilt’, shot by guitarist and video maker Jessie Ward O’Sullivan. The video makes for a claustrophobic and intriguing video where the viewer always feels like there is something going on behind their back. Over the course of the video, the band members lose their autonomy as they are subjected to spotlights, attacked with written messages, and finally, completely tied up and unable to play their instruments. Wonderfully apt for a track about the oppressiveness of the Catholic Church. The 360 degree nature of the video works particularly well if you have a VR headset.

According to Jessie, “The Catholic Church in Ireland still exerts a patriarchal force over women’s bodily autonomy, (evident from our draconian abortion laws) something which would be unthinkable in most other progressive countries. This force is exerted by the same Catholic Church who covered up years of child sexual abuse by its members.”

On 20 August, the band play a fundraiser for the X-ile Project in Bello Bar, Dublin. The X-ile Project aims to change the nature of conversations around abortion from the grassroots up.

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