Serial Chiller – ‘Bed Mood’ | Overblown Track Premiere

serial chiller

‘Bed Mood’ is released as part of Three Minute Heroes.

What is Three Minute Heroes I hear you say? It’s a pretty wonderful and special project is what it is. Basically, the Hull based Warren Youth Project Initiative took a bunch of musicians and put them in contact with school children from Hull and the East Yorkshire area. Fifteen artists including Fronteers, La Bête Blooms, and False Advertising have taken the children’s lyrics, put them to music, and created an honest and open album titled Three Minute Heroes: #HearMeOut. The result is a touching and thoughtful insight into the minds, fears, and joys of young people in 2017.

I am really rather proud to be able to premiere a track from this compilation and damn lucky that the track is one by fuzzy post-punks/slacker punx Serial Chiller. The track is a short and direct burst of groggy guitars and a rapid, stream of consciousness vocal delivery that is the perfect foil for the lyrics. They directly deal with the chaos and confusion that can rise to the surface when you’re stuck in a negative thought cycle that you just can’t seem to shift.

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