Sextile Interview: “Claiming ‘free speech’ for the Nazis, KKK, & white nationalists is bull”


Sextile’s new album Albeit Living is out now via Felte

Musically, LA punks SEXTILE don’t pull any punches on their sophomore album Albeit Living. Jammed with concise and synth heavy taut jams, the album is an imposing and righteous record of anger and indignation.

We spoke to the group about the inspiration behind the album, and the current state of the US nation.

Overblown: Who Killed Sex’ is an interesting song title. What was the inspiration behind that?

Sextile: It’s actually ‘Who Killed SIX’.

I was in the process of demoing out this song when my very first synth, the Korg Polysix started to kick. I gave the demo that name and it stuck. Now the songs lyrics are intertwined with politics and electronics. “Death by slow corrosion is a mystery, Im witnessing the shutdown of society, power hungry circuits are beginning to feed, all the last forever is absolutely nothing.”

O: Seems to me that the synth is a lot more prominent on this new record, giving it a dance punk vibe. Why up the synth levels?

S: I just love the way they sound. So many tonal possibilities. Most of the songs were written on the Korg MS-10. Starting to write a song on guitar just hasn’t been very inspiring for me lately.

O: ‘Albeit Living’ is a fascinating title. For some reason it has connotations of defeat for me. Is that the way you view the title?

S: No, but I can see how it could be read as such. I feel like it has more of a bratty connotation to it. What I love about the title is that it can have an open connotation, I guess it could depend on how you feel that day.

O: As a politically charged band, what do you make of the rise of the right in America and around the world?

S: It’s very upsetting. It’s bringing my friends to tears. They cry because they want equality and peace for all, but there are still pieces of shit out there who clearly have their heads so far up their ass that it may take a good kicking to get it out. What happened in Virginia is fuckin’ disturbing – we had a fuckin’ world war, trying to stop this evil, yet it is marching around again and killing people. And the people here in America claiming “Free Speech” for the Nazis, KKK, and white nationalists is bullshit. Those people should just imagine what it feels like to be a part of the black and Jewish communities and having people marching around screaming they want to hang you, kill you and your children. What’s happening here is truly disturbing, and I feel we are stepping closer to some sort of breaking point. What that is, I am not quite sure.

O: Some suggest that politics has no place in music. What do you think of that opinion?

S: I don’t think anyone should have any opinion on what can and can not be in music. To me, art is a projection of oneself, through a medium, to convey ideas and emotions. You are not forced to consume music, you do not have to listen to my political views I put in my music.

O: What does ‘AVC’ stand for? Audio Visual Club?

S: It stands for, A Viable Commercial. Its pretty amusing reading what people think it might be.

O: What is next for Sextile?

S: We are heading out on a full U.S. Tour August 18th, possibly going to release a new single in the next few months and we are looking to come to EU mid-January!

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