Shaam Larein: New Band of the Day #236

shaam larein

Shaam Larein’s debut album Sculpture is out now via Icon’s Creating Evil Art.

Who: Shaam Larein: lead vocals, Linnea Hjertén: vocals, keys, Nathalie Ahlbom: vocals, Mille Hökengren: drums, Elmer Hallsby: bass and Johan Borgström: guitar

What: Doom/alternative rock.

Where: Sweden.

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Why: The oppressive, melancholic, swirling doom rock of Sweden’s Shaam Larein is the perfect music for our times. Unnerving and unsettling, it is a pretty accurate representation of our every day lives at the moment. While this was not Larein’s intention while crafting the oppressive and dirge-like piece, it is undoubtedly relevant. Of ‘Aurora’, the lead single from her debut album Sculpture, Larein says, “Aurora is a chaos that lives inside me, a depiction between dream and reality, a praise, an echo that will never be forgotten.”

Album closer ‘Traveler’ is equally engrossing and eerie. A slow and creeping track, it expands Larein’s sound a little to include organs and eerie choral backing vocals. Larein says, “There are two voices through the song, the one who tells the story and the one who is stuck in it. What they have in common is a memory of the traveler that were trying to survive. A story that has become a part of the every day life. Hear all these voices, no one dares to step forward. ‘Traveler’ is a story of a lost battle, a cry for help that ends with tragedy.”

Calling to mind Chelsea Wolfe but with more traditional 70s doom metal leanings, Larein is an artist who has laid a powerful foundation for herself with her debut album. How she develops it is, of course, up to her. We’ll be keeping a close eye on her.

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