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Shed. is out now via Cast Off Records.

With the ability to go from painstakingly sad to powerfully uplifting at the drop of a dime, shed. has carved out their own place in the math drenched emo niche. Clean-ish guitars noodle and glide through each song, giving the half-shouted, half-sung vocals something to hang on to, all the while the drums follow the near constant starts and stops glueing everything together in a wonderfully emotional package. Each song is short, never breaking 2 minutes, and jam packed, never leaving you bored. As their label Cast Off Records puts it, the self-titled album “favors quality over quantity.”

Dare (vocals) took the time to break down each song for us, touching on friendship, family, relationships, and learning to cope with the day to day. You know, life.


Out of basic necessity, this project was formed. The three of us gravitated towards the release, the escape, and more so, the inherent desire to create something – if only to enjoy for ourselves. Shed, the album, took about a year’s time to mature fully. All of the trials along with the soaring highs that were experienced within that year’s time are represented sonically. If there is only one thing to be taken from this collection of songs/moments that we display, it is growth. Allow the old, broken, and unhealthy to fall off of your back to make room for the new. Shed.

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1. Do U

“Can u feel that” was the only thought that came to mind when hearing this instrumental for the first time. This track started it all for shed. At the conception of this project, life was transitioning for us in ways that were not easily defined. All the good and all the bad happening at once. This song celebrates the contrast between the two in a way that lets the listener feel it for themselves. You decide whether change is positive or negative. Either way, you cannot deny that it’s at your doorstep.

2. Cuz I Will

Sometimes we love people so strongly that we let them hurt us, and in turn, we tell ourselves that we’re helping them. Enough is enough of that. There is a point when you may realize that you can’t help them the way that you’d like. You can help yourself though. The main message is mental health awareness. We need to TAKE GOOD CARE OF OURSELVES, sometimes that means putting yourself first at the risk of hurting another’s feelings. (Don’t be afraid to call for help)

3. This Couch

First and foremost, these lyrics were definitely written on a very comfortable couch. One of those hexed days that leaves you unable to face any of your obligations, responsibilities, or even the world in general. But is it really your fault that today isn’t your day? Don’t think so. Just enjoy your damn couch. Take the day to cope & maybe tomorrow will be better.

4. Makada Jr.

Walking in the door after a typical day at work to find an empty house. Not having the heart to talk to your friends about what that means and how you feel about it. But when you do see your friends again… they already know. You only needed some time to sort through what’s been laid out in front of you. You only wanted to take things slowly. You don’t know wtf is happening… so you write a song about it.

5. Dance 1st Think L8r

The lyrics pretty well speak for themselves. A relationship is nothing without honesty. If you aren’t living up to your potential then be honest about that. Pride can wait. Time cannot. Between work, school, sweeping, kids, etc. we’re all too tired to keep it anything less than 100. Ya know what? Just go dancing instead.

6. U R

Easily, this is shed’s top contender for a “love song”. It started off being about 1 individual, but the more we played it the more it sounds like a voice aimed at spreading love around. Seems we could all use a little more love. Perhaps that comes from being the difference in someone’s day. Shouts out to all the wonderful people that we’ve met since starting this project and thank you for positively affecting our lives. If you haven’t heard how beautiful you are lately, know that U R.

7. Mojo

Relating to mojo isn’t just for the Austin Powers enthusiasts. Mojo is a hangover anthem sung for the busted up Millennials like us. The lyrics read the forgotten story of what comes after “I get knocked down but I get up again.” What if I’m scared to get back up? Anxiety, depression, general lack of motivation: all that applies here.
How you feel is valid after all.

8. I Thot U Thot

Nobody wants to feel left behind, regardless of the nature of the relationship (father/son, sister/sister, or spouses for example). As we grow old we learn how to lose people and the things we hold dear. You only thot you were cherishing the good times while you were living them. But looking back it’s not so easy to say. This track radiates reminiscence and how memories are what we have to hold of the good old days.

9. Kung Fu

When you try and try your BEST, yet they act as if every single gesture you make offends. Every single act of kindness is taken out of context. Every step forward is a stubbed toe. You open your mouth to apologize or to even speak up and you bite your own tongue. You try and try. Ok, so what exactly is going right? Now you’re doubting whether or not your best is worth much of anything to anyone. Now you’re doubting yourself entirely… wow. Picture perfect.

10. Friends & Family

These lyrics mainly came from the joy of all three of us getting together again after years. The song really took shape during a few intimate gatherings we had in Brett (drums) & London’s (Brett’s better half) back yard last spring/summer after we released our first 5 track demo earlier in the year (2016). In the midst of being surrounded by our closest friends and loved ones, this song was found. Those times were jewels: much more valuable than any of us could have guessed. Thank you for those moments. We find it hard to believe that this doesn’t mean something.

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