Shifting: New Band of the Day #254


Shifting’s debut album It Was Good is out on 24th August.

Who: Paul Clynes, Lewis Hedigan, and Matt Hedigan.

What: Noise Rock.

Where: Dublin, Ireland.

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Why: In Irish slang, ‘shifting’ means to kiss passionately. As in: “They were shifting like mad in Coppers the other day!”. Shifting is also the name of a rather quality Irish noise rock trio. Their brand of noise rock is, somewhat like their countrymen Girl Band, constructed around intriguing stream of consciousness lyrics and vocal delivery rather than thunderous guitar riffs. Take album opener ‘Spudgasm’, churning bass and drums drive this track, but undoubtedly the centre point is the vocal and lyrics. Example: “The sky is falling in / The sky is falling / Laugh / Ha Ha!”.

The other track they’ve released from the album is ‘Pig from Heaven’. This one incorporates a mournful piano line with a guitar bit and drum beat not a million miles from latter-day Sonic Youth. Eventually, this one tips into a more noisy and abstract passage but never is control lost. It is taut and managed throughout. Looking forward to their debut album It Was Good when it drops on the 24th August.

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