Shoegaze: Young Hellions Release ‘Fractures and Cacophony’

young hellions fractures and cacophony

‘Fractures and Cacophony’ Is Out Now Via MUZAI Records

Enigmatic Leeds-based songstress Young Hellions (aka. Maeve Munro) is an artist shaded in more than a handful of mystery. Look on her Facebook page and you’ll find a short paragraph of interests listed, kookily, in a series of phrases or words separated by commas. “Autumn, Staying Indoors, Obsessions, Disorders…” and it goes on. In just the first four words, Munro strikes you as someone who is emotionally sentient who holds more than a passing familiarity with the darker side of life. “Fractures and Cacophany” is that (slightly doom laden) tendency come to it’s sonic conclusion – fuzzy, hazy shoegaze with a mile-wide pop inflection.

Young Hellions began four years ago in New Zealand and only moved to the sunny uplands of Leeds *snigger* in 2014. In many ways her sounds resemble her isolated Southern Hemisphere beginnings; far away, exotic, isolated. But perhaps where comparisons come closest with her Kiwi home is the Middle Earth-style intensity of it all. Orcs, Trolls and Wizards come included, of course.

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