Show Me The Body – ‘Survive’ | EP Review

Survive is out now via Loma Vista Recordings.

As one of the hardest-hitting groups hailing from North American soil, Show Me The Body have continuously nourished the hardcore scene with their uncompromising sound and song writing. For over a decade now, the band has been set to overcome that which limits the genre. Blending industrial tonalities and the traditional hardcore punk aesthetic with electronic buzz and raw lyricism, SMTB stand for a mesh of absolute rage and defiance.

Their newly released EP Survive – clocking in just under ten minutes – consists of three caustic and unhesitatingly outspoken tracks. Those already acquainted with their 2019 record Dog Whistle will feel right at home on this EP. Besides proving once again that a banjo is indeed a very punky instrument and that “overly heavy bass tones” is a phrase no one has or will ever use, Survive offers elucidation on the current state of affairs.

‘Rubberband’ is the grimy opener through which the band acknowledge how difficult it can be to find one’s own place in a labyrinthic, oppressive system. Followingly, ‘People on TV’ focuses on slower-paced, drawn out instrumentations that still conjure intensity enough to snuff out the vocal performance at times.

‘Survive’ ends the EP in brisk fashion, featuring bold and heated lines about the renunciation of corrupt police institutions. Verses like “I never cry / Watching pigs die” and “He said I’m a piece of shit ’cause I gotta get mine / Fuck with the family is where I draw a line” are not just making a case for the trio’s corrosive lyricism, but further call to the sense of community and fighting corruption back as a people.

Although Survive is but a brief taste of what we can expect for the future of SMTB, it manages to leave behind a strong impression. If you’ve got ten minutes to spare, I cannot really point out any reason to not give this EP a go.

Survive can be streamed or purchased here.

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