Silverbacks – ‘Dirty Money’ | Overblown Track Premiere


New EP Sink The Fat Moon on May 19th.

You’d think that with a name like Silverbacks, this Dublin quintet would be a rather ferocious and imposing proposition. On the contrary, the group explore a more laconic and restrained sound. Despite this, there is a tension present that gives the impression the group are constantly about to go off the rails into avant garde noise at any moment.

This danger is clear throughout latest single ‘Dirty Money’ which we are premiering below. Calling to mind latter day Sonic Youth or the sonic explorations of Canadian post-punks Ought, the track is a short hint of what Silverbacks are capable of producing. Incorporating abstract lyrics about a “treaty” and “good TV’, a classic loudQUIETloud song structure, and a meandering denouement, the song is one that burrows its way into your unconscious surreptitiously. You’ll be hooked before you even realise it.

The song is the first track gleaned from the group’s upcoming EP, Sink The Fat Moon, which will be out on May 19th. Comprised of five songs of discordance balanced with melody, the EP promises to build on their already impressive discography by expanding their sound and pushing it forward into newer and noisier territories.

Pre-order Sink The Fat Moon via Bandcamp.

Sink The Fat Moon artwork:


Sink The Fat Moon track-list:

1. Dirty Money
2. The Great Father
3. What’s In Your Bag?
4. Not Ones To Watch
5. Holiday in Cambodia

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