SILVERFIELD – ‘Sticky Fingered Boy’ (Overblown Video Premiere)

EP And Mini Tour Planned For Summer. Details TBC.

So what is a sticky fingered boy? In the parlance of our times it means a boy who has light fingers. A thief in other words. A kleptomaniac perhaps. That might be a touch extreme. I knew a sticky fingered boy once. He nabbed my limited edition digipak version of Foo Fighters’ There’s Nothing Left To Lose and Pearl Jam’s live DVD Touring Band 2000. But that was a long time ago. Maybe I should let that go. I digress.

‘Sticky Fingered Boy’ just so happens to also be the name of the debut single from Hereford lo-fi/indie/grunge quartet SILVERFIELD. An energetic and straightforward blast, it condemns the titular character as vocalist/guitarist Ellie Jean Bramhall sardonically exclaims, “Sticky fingered boy you mean nothing to me” over fuzzed up, flangey guitar, a little bit of slap bass in one isolated spot, and a generally lo-fi attitude. One wonders what the sticky fingered boy got his hands on. Whatever it was, Bramhall is not pleased about it.

Check out the video above or listen to it below via Soundcloud.

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