Sister Ghost Share ‘Growing Pains’

New Single From Derry Based Alt Rock Band.

Sister Ghost, an alternative rock quartet from Derry, have shared their video for their latest track ‘Growing Pains’.  The song is part of the Scratch My Progress talent development programme 2015 at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast. You can grab it for one quid via Bandcamp. The video sees the band perform the track in a wonderfully 90’s world of denim jackets and irreverent humour. Lovely stuff.

Shannon O’Neill from the group had this to say about the whole thing, “The video was shot by Colm Laverty here in Belfast in a local practice space and is a tongue in cheek tale of band practice gone (all types of) wrong! I am also big fan of the cult 1979 film The Warriors and the video tips its hat to it a few times. It was great fun to make and exciting as it was the first time most of us have been in a music video as well (you wouldn’t know it by our incredible acting skills though would you?).”

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