Sister Mantos Release Discotastic Video For “Always”

Apparently, LA’s Sister Mantos sing about love, queerness, and post capitalist utopias. Sounds like a party to us. This is their latest video for new single “Always” from their latest album Unk. It’s a low fi disco electro pop gem. In short, their whole shtick is quite the experience. They tour the USA and EU playing festivals, galleries, clubs, and residencies and have shared the stage with the likes of JD Samson, Hi Fashion, Light Asylum, Mirror Mirror, Jessie Evans, Pens, TEETH! and Very Be Careful. They claimed it would be “TOTALLY RAD” if we shared their new video, and who are we to argue with that kind of rational argument?

Keep an eye out for their upcoming tape coming out on Big Joy Records. They neglected to tell us the release date, and after looking online we couldn’t find the release date. Let us know, Sister Mantos!