Skating Polly @ Broadcast, Glasgow 15th Sept 2018

If a band could ever be described as a sweetie then Skating Polly are popping candy. They fizz, crackle and pop with delicious punk exuberance. For ones so young they’re already veterans of the live show, their experience shines as they blister through their set.

Skating Polly are made up of drummer Kurtis Mayo and step sisters Kelli and Peyton. Kelli gives a solid demonstration of the mermaid hair flick several times whilst Peyton, who isn’t feeling 100%, performs in a cool art school way, you know, distant and mysterious, she’d possibly have been a disgruntled bar worker had the band not taken off.

The audience is made up of a wide demographic of die-hard fans, new fans and those intrigued to see what it’s all about. Tonight’s host city is represented in classic Glasgow fashion with plenty banter and love, particularly when Kelli speaks of doing a British accent. She is quickly informed the audience is Scottish. That’s okay, she’s got this covered and tells of the mischief she did herself in Glasgow when on tour with Babes In Toyland which she thought was pretty “gnarly” until she overheard a Scottish dude in the next cubicle state “I dropped a weight on my foot” which she says in a Scottish accent, well if Scotland is a small suburb of Oklahoma that we weren’t aware of but hats off to her for trying in front of a Glasgow crowd on a Saturday night. Kelli I salute you.

Pic courtsey of Mhairi Muir

Their sound is that of classic American punk, probably started and perfected in the family garage. By classic America I mean in the same vein of Iggy Pop, Pixes and Joan Jett, not the America that’s currently giving us repetitive strain from rolling our eyes. It’s the Stand By Me America of young folks having an adventure that we all want to be part of. I’m glad I joined Skating Polly on theirs and feel like there’s still loads more to come, their adventure is just going to get bigger and better.

They crack through songs from the new album The Make It All Show and some solid older favourites all with their own unique, snappy, quirky appeal. Kelli bounds around the stage and keeps up a buoyant energy whilst all three members get involved in instrument swapping. Peyton takes her turn on lead vocals with the dichotomy between the two stepsisters being one where Kelli is tunefully shrieking whilst Peyton is more tender, full bodied and considered.

What Skating Polly consistently provide is a heap of sass and spirit mixed in with catchy melodies played with excitement, confidence and bounding enthusiasm. Hurry back please.

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