Skinner: New Band of the Day #262


Skinner’s new single ‘Dislocation’ is out now.

Who: Aaron Corcoran, Jack Tobin and Daniel Butler.

What: Alt rock/grunge

Where: Dublin, Ireland

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Why: Skinner is an alt rock/grunge musician based in Dublin, Ireland and firmly entrenched in the DIY business. He writes, records and produces his own songs that focus on growing up and dealing with all the fun issues that come along with it. His music is lo-fi but powerful and biting. Last month, he released his latest single ‘Dislocation’ and it is mighty.

Aaron Corcoran on the track, “The song is about defiance and questioning every aspect of why we do things if ultimately they make us unhappy. It was written by splicing up lines from a few different songs I had and arranging them on a page, just like Bowie used to do. You’re told you can do anything and be anything so long as it doesn’t piss anyone off too much and you don’t go too far outside the role society has given you. I feel like the song addresses the feelings of frustration you get from playing along to everyone else’s expectations.”

Skinner also released three singles in 2019. Titled ‘Sometimes My Name Is Goo’, ‘Slouch’, and ‘Headroom’, they are also blasts of melodic angst. That’s not all though, ‘Sometimes My Name Is Goo’ also employs some cool atmospheric samples, what sounds like some rather saucy sax and a dancey butt wiggling beat. Corcoran says, “The song is a detailed account of the aftermath and regret of a person who has taken their relationship for granted. Letting the contents of your head constantly spill onto someone else’s lap and expecting them to deal with your problems can be extremely draining for them. The song highlights the importance of equality within a relationship.”

‘Slouch’ strips away the distortion a good bit until the chorus but maintains the frenetic pace and throat ripping vocals.

Meanwhile, ‘Headroom’ has a more restrained BPM and what sounds like a programmed drum beat but maintains the general feeling of righteous anger.

Skinner’s debut album Skint was released back in 2016 and is distinctly different from his newer work. Less caustic and jazzier with a lo-fi indie vibe, Nialler9 described it as “2016’s definitive album about skulling cans and smoking rollies”.

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