SKYMAS Share ‘No Easy Way Out’

New Single Out Now.

Belfast electro rock duo SKYMAS have shared their latest stellar single ‘No Easy Way Out’. Combining industrial metal, techno, and post punk, the track is a uniquely propulsive and textured offering. Basically, imagine Rob Zombie if he loved spending time in the club and was slightly less fascinated with horror movie tropes. Produced by Dave Lievense, the song features fuzzed up guitar that slots in comfortably next to a straight up four on the floor beat, while 90s synths and an impassioned vocal add a touch of colour.

Apparently, the duo aim to create music “can channel the fundamental, super physical energy from beyond our everyday world”. Another release is due in December, so it’s well worth your while to keep an eye and an ear out for this incendiary group.

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