Sleaford Mods Do ‘No One’s Bothered’ On Jools Hollands’ Later…

sleaford mods jools holland

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Maidstone rap/post-punk duo Sleaford Mods graced the stage of Jools Hollands’ Later on Tuesday night with a rousing rendition of ‘No One’s Bothered’. They shared a table with Burt Bacharach. Which is just as good as it sounds.

Keep your eyes peeled for Invisible Britain, the Mods part band doc, part exploration of class inequality in the UK. It follows the duo on a recent tour of the UK and visits many places that have been forgotten, and many would rather ignore wholeheartedly.

Check out their performance below:

The Mods have three shows left on their UK tour:

15/10 – Aberdeen, Tunnels – SOLD OUT
16/10 – Dundee, Buskers – A HANDFUL OF TICKETS LEFT
17/10 – Glasgow, Art School – SOLD OUT


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