Sleaford Mods – ‘Spare Ribs’ | Album Review

Sleaford Mods released their latest album on January 25, via Rough Trade Records.

Sleaford Mods released their 11th album last month, Spare Ribs, via Rough Trade Records. The duo has put together an album of endless, cheap loops whose strong lyrics and message are lost in the album’s chaotic boredom. Spare Ribs is best described as if The Beastie Boys lost the right to party or, if Sleaford Mods forgot that the party was an inalienable right of its own that depends on musicians everywhere to defend it.

The album’s political points are well heard, but I feel like I’m getting preached at instead of being invited to have a dialogue and to join in the movement. Is it really punk if we can’t band together in love or lust, in pain or hate, for a communal passionate breath? Plain and simple, I need more heart. Sleaford Mods fails to elicit any emotion in me. The Nottingham duo may find a more deserved audience at beat cafes where college students come to expand their horizons while wearing non-ironic berets.

So with that said, maybe I’m just too American to be the right audience for Spare Ribs? Maybe I would have been more receptive to the album if I had first heard one of the band’s songs paired with a Danny Boyle flick. But, I’ll never fault myself for looking for the music that dares us to dance and inspires us to fight for our right to party.

Find Sleaford Mods’ new album, Spare Ribs, here – out now.

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