Slow Down Molasses Share ‘Home’

slow down molasses home

If you are regular reader of Overblown, you will know that we are on a bit of a shoegaze buzz at the moment. First, there was the Ear to Ear Records free compilation, and then Ryan Hickey’s exploration of Japanese Shoegaze. It’s a genre that seems inexhaustible. Now, we’ve got Canadian shoegazers Slow Down Molasses, and their single ‘Home’, which follows their single released last year, ‘Summer Sun’. It’s a delay drenched track, that mixes the shimmering sound scapes of My Bloody Valentine with the dreary ruminations of Ian Curtis or Bernard Sumner. It will feature on their debut LP, Burnt Black Cars. The band will be touring extensively late Spring/early Summer to support the new record, out 11th May 2015 via Culvert Music/Caroline International.

In relation to ‘Home’, lead singer Tyson McShane says, “The songs on this record talk a lot about place and impermanence. Lots of it is pretty bleak, but there are flashes of hope and optimism, like ‘Home’ – it’s an attempt to process the confrontation and turmoil. It is probably the closest we’ve ever come to writing a genuine pop song. Of course, it takes some inspiration from the Talking Heads. It bounces between expectation and reality, finally accepting that even though things may change around us, life goes on.”

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