Slunq: New Band of the Day #237


Slunq’s debut album Dirty Signals is out now.

Who: Peter Dahl-Collins, Chris Collins and Daniel Knowler.

What: Noise-rock/post-hardcore tinged alternative rock.

Where: UK.

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Why: It may seem a bit of stretch to label Slunq as a ‘new band’ as their latest album Dirty Signals is their fourth LP. But they’re new to us, so that’s that. A real highlight of the record is definitely ‘Like A Mouth’. Making use of the always effective loudQuietloud format, it is an angular and tense exploration of the intersection of alternative rock, noise rock and post punk. Ultimately, though, it sports a melodic and unusually hooky chorus that burrow into the brain.

Late on the album, ‘Shambolism’ shines brightly. Led by a drum machine and very very post-punk bassline in the vein of Joy Division, it quickly transforms into a grittier and more industrial sounding affair. The angular nature of Slunq remains and this indeed seems to be their default setting. The rest of the album is similarly imaginative and engrossing.

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