Slutever Share New Song ‘Smother’

Los Angeles based bratpunks Slutever have shared a new track called ‘Smother’ with the world and we’re very glad about that. The track will be the lead song on their forthcoming Almost Famous cassette. ‘Smother’ is a trashy distortion filled explosion of guitars and pounding drums and comes across as a louder, catchier, better Muffs. It’s a big jump in the right direction for a band who’ve released various singles and split cassettes over the last few years, most recently with the like-minded Girlpool.

Slutever are Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi, originally from Philly before heading west. They want to be the most famous band to never release a full length record. We’d love to see this happen and can live without a full length record so long as they promise to regularly release non-full length records as good as this one.

Almost Famous can be pre-ordered here and will also be available on the band’s forthcoming US tour

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