smallgang – Cards – Play It Again, Sam

Like Ian Curtis Fronting An Alt Rock Band

This sounds like an odd proposition, no? Actually it works rather well for London based trio smallgang on “Cards” from their second album san. “Cards” is a relatively laid back and relaxed mid tempo alt rock gem that eventually descends into a smidgen of noise rock histrionics towards it denouement. There’s hints of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth; there’s bits of Pavement thrown in for good measure. It all adds up to a fairly sumptuous dish. The Ian Curtis-esque vocals over the top give it just enough of an off kilter edge that the song doesn’t disappear into the morass of alt rock plagiarisers.

The band consist of the brothers Simon and Hitoshi Kobayashi along with drummer Matt Atkins, and originally hail from Essex and Hounslow. san is their second full length record and first since becoming a three piece. It was released on June 2nd via Damnably Records.
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